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Packed School Lunch Ideas

I know I am a little late on this, but I figure, better late than never. I think we all could use some inspiration when it comes to packing school lunches, so I hope this helps you.

I have two kiddos in school, one who eats almost everything and one who eats, well, almost nothing. We agreed that she would try almost all the lunches unless it was absolutely something she would not like, then we would pack. So I find myself juggling lunches between the two and we have some go to's that are crowd pleasers but hoping this helps inspire you!

Also, of note, I am a working Mom who doesn't believe in all the extra "frills" you see all over the internet. I'm not adding eyeballs to their veggies and cutting their sandwiches into shapes. These are meant to be easy, doable lunches for the busy, on the go Moms (or Dads) just trying to survive the school (food) week!

Option #1 Option #2

Summer Sausage Deli meat (turkey, ham, roast beef) & cheese sandwich

Sliced Cheese of choice Veggie Straws

Crackers Applesauce

Fruit Veggie

Veggie Something Sweet


Something Sweet

Option #3 Option #4

Turkey & Cheese Roll Ups Meat stick - like Chomps, Paleo Valley, etc.

Pretzels String Cheese

Veggies + Hummus Gold Fish

Fruit Danimals Smoothie

Something Sweet Something Sweet

Option #5 Option #6

PB&J Sandwich Roaster Chicken & Mayo on Hawaiian Rolls

Popcorn - like Smartfood Chips

Cheese Stick Mozzarella Balls

Fruit Fruit

Something Sweet Something Sweet

Option #7 Option #8

Hard Boiled Eggs Deli Salami (like Margherita brand) wrapped around

Pita Chips & Hummus String cheese cut in half

Fruit Pretzels

Pickles Fruit

Something Sweet Veggie

Something Sweet

Option #9 Option #10

Mini Pepperonis Mac n' Cheese

Buttered Noodles Summer Sausage or Deli Meat Rolled Up

Fruit Fruit

Veggie Veggie

Something Sweet Something Sweet

Option #11 Option #12

Soup Tortilla Roll Ups - PB & Honey or Meat & Cheese

Hawaiian Roll + Butter Veggie Straws

Something Sweet Fruit

Something Sweet

Option #13 Option #14

Cold Pasta Salad Deli Meat & Cheese on Hawaiian Roll

Cheese Stick Chips

Fruit Fruit

Danimals Smoothie Veggie

Something Sweet Something Sweet

Option #15 Option #16

Mini Pancakes Protein Muffin (see Weekly Meal Plans for recipe)

Yogurt Yogurt

Fruit Fruit

Something Sweet Something Sweet

Option #17 Option #18

Yogurt Meat Stick

Granola Hard Boiled Eggs

Fruit Pretzels

Muffin or Pancakes Babybel Cheese

Something Sweet Olives or Pickles

Something Sweet

Leftovers are a great option as well - and these are all changeable. Mix them up. I am going to list out items in categories for options.

Hot things can be packed - use a thermos, fill with boiling water and let sit for 5 minutes. Dump out, wipe out with a paper towel and add warmed food and close. I will link items below that we like to use in our house for packing lunches.

Proteins Carbs Veggies

Turkey Bread Carrots

Ham Hawaiian Rolls Cucumbers

Summer Sausage Tortillas Snap Peas

Pepperoni Noodles Broccoli

Salami Ritz Crackers Cauliflower

Hard Boiled Eggs Townhouse Crackers Snow Peas

Meat Sticks Triscuits Mini Peppers

Cottage Cheese Gold Fish Edamame

Yogurt Popcorn Cherry Tomatoes

Rotisserie Chicken Pretzels

Tuna Chips

Veggie Straws

Fruit Hippeas Cheese

Apples Pita Chips Sliced

Raspberries Bagel Chips Sticks

Blueberries Rice Cakes Babybels

Strawberries Tortilla Chips Fresh Mozzarella Snacking Packs

Blackberries Pitas Laughing Cow Wedges

Oranges Naan Dippers

Grapes Wheat Thins Something Sweet

Pear Rice Crackers Fruit Snacks

Peaches Rice Frosted Animal Crackers

Watermelon Oreos

Pineapple Dips Cookies

Mango Ranch M&Ms

Pomegranate Hummus Snack Size Candy Bars

Kiwi Guacamole Mini Choc Chip Muffins

Mandarin Oranges Peanut Butter Teddy Grahams

Fruit Leather Nutella Protein Balls

Applesauce pouches Trailmix

Fruit puree pouches Granola Bar






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