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  • SaraAnn Rasmusan

Tomato Toast

I am on a sourdough journey - learning to bake sourdough boules, sandwich loafs, discard recipes and anything else I feel like doing. So with that, I have been eating it on the weekends as tomato toast - because I don't know if there is anything better than a crusty, homemade bread and fresh garden tomatoes!

You can definitely use any crusty bread - homemade or store bought. Tomatoes - if you can find garden tomatoes from a friend or farmer's market, they will bring so much more flavor, but grocery store tomatoes will work too.

Tomato Toast

  • Crusty Sourdough Bread, toasted

  • Truff Black Truffle Oil

  • Avocado Mayo

  • Garden Tomatoes, sliced

  • Flaky finishing salt

  • Pepper

Toast your bread to your liking. Then sprinkle with truffle oil, slather on a decently thick layer of mayo then top with sliced tomatoes, salt + pepper. If you want to take it up a notch, add some chili crisp on top if you'd like some spice or fresh basil would be delicious too! Feel free to switch it up - I used what I had on hand and was so happy with it that I've been eating it every weekend!

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